If you would like us to send you chilled semen please follow these instructions:-

  1. progesterone test your girl

  2. Let us know when you are testing her so we can be prepared

  3. We need at least 24 hours notice to send semen

  4. If you would like us to put egg yoke in, or not, please let us know at this point


On the day of sending we need to take semen and prepare it at the latest 2:30

It must be posted before 4:30

It will be sent special delivery before 1:00 the next day

If you would like it before 9:00 the next day or Saturday delivery there will be an extra charge

You tell us when to send semen.

Semen is best used the next day or within 3 days

Please do not order when you think she is ready, the longer semen goes unused the more will die off


When box arrives please take semen out of box and place it safely in your fridge. The boxes temp will drop every hour, your fridge wont


  1. Prepare a water bath, tea cup will do. With hot water in around 37-40 temp. Use a thermomiter to check this

  2. Place semen in the water bath/cup of water in the waterproof sealed tube that we sent you, (please do this slowly in order to not damage the tails of the sperm)

  3. Leave to warm through for 5 min

  4. If possible take a pipett and take a small sample of semen from the tube and test it under a microscope

  5. Semen should be starting to wake up. Some times there will be dead ones due to shipping, as the live ones warm up they will start swimming. Warm semen untill you feel they are alert enough.

  6. Semen will wake up more in the girls body as there it is the perfect temp.

  7. You can add enhancer to the semen at you own discretion


We can now send frozen semen all over the world, please call us to discuss. We use FIT AND FERTILE to do this.